GEW Belarus hackathon is a 48-hour competition for tech talents who are encouraged to take a challenge from international companies and prepare a new solution for a business within 2 days at GEW Belarus.


  • Who participate? We select best tech talent, coders, designers, data scientists, and system engineers as well as business analytics, marketing people who would like to leverage skills and refresh minds in a competitive atmosphere, who can’t stop reaching new goals, who would be encouraged by real business tasks and challenges. The idea of the hackathon is that we would select and form international teams. We invite UK participants to join the hackathon and take challenge with our Belarus talents. International teams would have different approaches to a problem solving that makes the hackathon more excited for the participants.

  • Why companies should participate?Challenging the hackathon participants, companies would get new ideas and solutions, could leverage the company’s technology and data, have fun working with tech talent and communicating with founders, look for tech talents and team members, diverse innovative thinking within the company, get new approaches and new cases for the company. Please join with your task and a challenge!

  • Examples of challenges: To develop or to improve business processes, to develop a new product, to solve HR, logistics, sales performance or other operational processes, to try a disruptive technology to existing product or a process, to visualize or analyze a data sets, and any other tasks.