DEIP – growing international community of academic and technological experts, aiming to increase the efficiency of modern science.
The solution we built is research platform with digital economy for science which provides 3 essential things:
1) Open access publishing

Immediate: a paper is published once submitted to the platform, and then reviewed.
Free: all results are free to publish and access for everyone.
Open to all: authors retain copyright, and anyone can freely read, reuse and distribute published results.

2) Open and compensated peer review

Transparent and recognized: all reviews are open to public, a contribution of each reviewer is tracked.
Curated: the quality of reviews is verified by independent curators.
Compensated: reviewers are paid for their work in internal currency of the platform.

3) Research funding mechanisms

Time-saving: allows scientists to do without proposal writing and avoid administrative burdens.
Many at a time: research projects can simultaneously (a) be allocated grants by funding bodies operating on the platform (b) earn internal currency as a reward for contribution of expertise (c) find an investor.Among them are blockchain and open science enthusiasts, scientists and researchers in basic medical sciences, computational and bioorganic chemistry, mathematics and economics. They are supported by Blockchain for Science, Blockchain for Social Impact, Open Science MOOC and other initiatives.