Business Support Zones

This zone comprises full expertise of how one opens and manages their own business. Visitors will find here opportunities for advice, hints and instruments helping to create, develop and manage a company. Best legal firms will be represented by professional legal advisors that will be here to answer the questions and shed some light on legal framework. Entrepreneur support centres will also be there for mentoring as well as offering helpful tools for developing a business.

We invite you to participate in the events of “Business Support” zone.

Program of Business Support Zone

11:30 - 14:15

Round table on the topic: “Startup Movement in Belarus at the stage of digital economic transformations: challenges, threats and opportunities"

1. Key problems of the startup movement development at the present stage: what prevents start-ups movement become a driver of the economic growth. 2. The potential and structure of the startup movement: key stakeholders. 3. Trends and development prospects of the  startups movement. 4. The role of the state in ensuring quality transformation of the startup movement during the digital age.