Tech communities zone

This section is dedicated to the most popular tech communities which create a knowledge base and cases of applying technologies in various industries and bring together talents and IT professionals.
For business owners this section will be very valuable. They they will meet with the leaders of those communities and discuss with them questions about how to scale a business, make it more efficient and how to attract tech talent to a company.

We invite you to visit the events of those communities.

Program of Tech communities Zone


Start of GEW Belarus Hackathon

GEW Belarus hackathon is a 48-hour competition for tech talents who are encouraged to take a challenge from international companies and prepare a new solution for a business within 2 days at GEW Belarus. Dates: 12.11.2018 – 14.11.2018

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12:30 - 13:30

Master class "Transformation of business models based on blockchain technology.

The concept of using blockchain technologies in the Republic of Belarus” (Alexey Vorobey, Director of Blockchain Mint, Chairman of the Board of the Distributed Registries Association)

14:00 - 15:00

Master class "Crypto Security"

Grigory Vasilkov, Member of the Council of Experts of the Association of Distributed Registries Technology