Янек Розов
Правительственный заместитель директора по информационным технологиям при Министерстве экономики и коммуникаций Эстонии

Janek Rozov is CDO Chief Digital Officer (Government Deputy CIO) with specific cross-institutional tasks within the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications in Estonia. His agency assists public sector organizations in their service quality measurement, improvement and cost calculation, and is leading the standardisation of the delivery of public services and ensuring the development of customer centric physical and virtual environments based on available IT solutions. Prior to this, Janek worked for 10 years at the Estonian Tax and Customs Board during the 10 years, focusing on quality systems development and implementation in the Tax and Custom Board and with projects between state authorities in field of better service provision in the taxation area. In November 2013, the Government approved the Digital Agenda 2020 for Estonia, which will be used to establish a well-working state information and communication technology environment. The Digital Agenda 2020 has 4 sub- objectives. (ICT infrastructure; Skills and knowledge; Smarter Governance; Awareness of e-Estonia) The Information Society Services Development  department mainly responsible for the «smarter Governance». Janek’s Department is responsible for measuring the development better services according customers and institution point of view.

«I can’t cover the carpet the whole earth, but i can wear shoes to discover it.»