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  • Dmitri Burnashev

    Entrepreneur, Deputy Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre, Enterprise Estonia.

  • Tania Marinich

    Co-founder and CEO of BEL.BIZ

  • Serge Barysiuk

    Co-founder of Quote Roller & PandaDoc, VP/Co-Founder в Coding Staff

  • Darya Zhuk

    Partner at Law Firm GLIMSTEDT

  • Gerd Junne

    Director @ Triple L b.v. & Chairman @ Association: The network University (TNU)

  • Viera Feckova

    Resource Efficiency Program Manager

  • Yury Zisser

    Founder and co-owner of TUT.by, Founder of Hoster.by, Founder and CEO of Relsoft

  • Sergey Slesarev

    Marketing director, Atlantconsult

  • Mindaugas Danys

    Director at SME departament, Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania

  • Marvin Liao

    Experienced Silicon Valley Executive in International Digital Media, Yahoo veteran

  • Rufat Alimardanov

    Head of the Regional Office of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in Ukraine and Belarus.

  • Rick Rasmussen

    International Business Development at NestGSV

  • Anja Cheriakova

    Co-founder @ UrbanSeeds and Crowd Effect & Project editor of the International online magazine and platform ‘The Broker’

  • Linda Hickman

    Senior Fellow, London School of Economics

  • Hrish Lotlikar

    Director at Startup Labs, Managing Partner at EastLabs, Mentor at TechPeaks


"I felt honored to be invited over to Belarus to speak at the BELBIZ events over the GEW time period. I think that BELBIZ has done tremendous work to give Belarusian entrepreneurs the opportunity to network with some of the World's top entrepreneurs, learn great skills and also pitch to a room full of investors. If you are an entrepreneur in Belarus, you have to be part of BELBIZ, it's essential for your success."

Jamie Dunn, UK, A Fond founder, GEW Belarus 2012 invited speaker


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Send your ideas

The Global Entrepreneurship Week will be held in Belarus for the 3rd time this year. The previous Weeks in Belarus were a huge success and this year is promising to be even more thriving. You have a chance to participate in this outstanding event and even become its organizers!

If you are self-motivated and enterprising;

If you prefer and are not afraid of unconventional thinking;

If you are brave through life challenges and would like to increase the number of such people in Belarus

Fill out the interactive form or send your activity ideas to gew_belarus@bel.biz


We are waiting for your ideas! 

Become a volunteer

Interested in Entrepreneurship? Want to help us in conducting this great event? Would like to meet today's world leading entrepreneurs and businessmen? Want to become part of entrepreneurship culture in Belarus? We would be always happy to have an additional pair of hands! Take this opportunity and participate in  GEW 2013 Belarus. 

Join the Gew Belarus team and see what it's like to be a part of the most important event in your country!

Just fill out the interactive form or  send your data to gew_belarus@bel.biz

Suggest a speaker

Know someone who would be an excellent speaker for GEW? We are  always on the lookout for inspirational speakers to invite! So please tell us so that we can invite them  to  Global Entrepreneurship Week in Belarus 2013. To do so, please fill out the interactive form or send the information about the speaker you'd like to see at GEW to gew_belarus@bel.biz.

We are looking forward to getting suggestions from you.



Become a sponsor


 Become a partner

We invite your company to become a sponsor of the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Sponsorship of events for the Week gives an opportunity to set clear your company's position among several important categories:

  • representatives of the local and international business,

  • international financial and investment institutions,

  • students and youth, children's audience.

Support for this initiative will emphasize the social responsibility of your business and will help maintain the image of a progressive, successful, effective and prestigious companies in the fast growing market today.


You can become an official partner of the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Belarus

As a partner of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013 you take the following main responsibilities:

  • organization of at least one event in the framework of the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Belarus, as well as the promotion of the event,

  • spreading the information about the Global Entrepreneurship Week at your event and during the promotional campaign of your event,

  • using the GEW logo solely for the purposes of the GEW 2013 campaign.


We welcome all the partners and sponsors of Global Entrepreneurship Week in Belarus!

For further information, please contact Mr. Jauhien Puhach, e-mail: jauhen.puhach@bel.biz,  tel: +375 29 1179833